I hardly know you and I don’t wanna let you go

I’ve never been known for my self control.

Especially when it comes to songs rich with any combination of acoustic guitar, rhythmic vocals, pulsing banjo lines, piercing lyrics, and intertwining harmonies, whatever hope of me playing it cool is lost, replaced by what appears to the innocent bystander to be a manic foot-stomping, finger-tapping frenzy.

Hudson Taylor’s “Chasing Rubies” is one of those frenzy-inducing tracks.

Formally “Harry and Alfie”  of Youtube origins, the Irish brother duo composing Hudson Taylor originally created their Youtube channel in 2008.  Three years and about 25,000 subscribers later, Harry and Alfie transitioned formally into Hudson Taylor in order to pursue music more seriously.

Although many might argue that starting off on Youtube can negatively affect a musician’s career and credibility, I am even more drawn to Youtube musicians I find talented.  Not only do I find the personal connection and low-quality video/audio charming, but the fact that talent shines through Youtube musicians’ videos performing under these low-budget circumstances actually leads me to respect them as musicians even more.

Maybe then the issue with Youtube origins and credibility deals more with the social need to maintain distance and hallowed, untouchable air between artist and the common fan rather than credibility itself.

Tangent aside, call them the next Mumford, call them the next Of Monsters and Men, call them whatever folk-infused breakthrough band you like- comparisons really are of no use.

Only time will tell if we’re all just cynics on the run.
If we’re all just cynics come undone.

Not so long story short, you need to check them out.  Head on over to iTunes to download their new 4-track EP released August 27th.  While you won’t find the track I’ve been obsessively replaying on Youtube “Chasing Rubies,” “Battles” is well worth a listen as is “Hideaway.” http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/battles-ep/id547907856

This is not dejavu
I’ve never met somebody like you
I’d like to tell you the truth
And I hardly now you and I don’t wanna let you go
and I don’t wanna let you go


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