But I cannot turn around, the angels hear me now, go where I’m bound

I first heard Wake Owl’s Gold well over six months ago.  I must have been in some sort of isolation room at the time because the song’s infectious lilt didn’t manage to fully take hold of me until now.  Now though, I can hardly take Gold off repeat.

Contrasting off more melancholy verses, the chorus then picks up in brilliant opposition, swelling into an almost anthem-like force.

Gold is about coming to terms with who you are and facing where you are going even if it’s not where you thought you wanted to be.  Yet, despite the uncertainty and stark self-reflection that the verses prompt, Gold simultaneously offers the promise of jubilant hope allowing you to “grab the heart of the world and turn into the light.”

I don’t feel like I’m falling, I’m up against the sky,
Let’s grab the heart of the world and turn into the light.

Wake Owl’s EP Wild Country is set to release in late January of 2013.  In the meantime, preorder it here and follow Wake Owl on facebook and twitter.

Another gem to leave you in the Wake Owl mood, Grow:

I never know what to think of what it shows to be loyal and grow old, strong we grow.
But you can go, just don’t forget this home we made and now I’ll dance alone, free on my own.


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