Tune into my radio show of the same name, Fridays 11 – noon cst, 90.3 KWUR

My name is Adrienne.  Originally from Houston, I’ve always imagined myself living on one of the coasts, yet I now proudly call St. Louis home.

Music, particularly live music, is my passion and finding people who are just as excited about it as I am keeps me going.

I’ve always toyed with the idea of blogging about music but have always felt either too intimated or too unqualified to give it a go.

But as the number of hours I spend each day on music blogs increases far faster than I’d like to admit- the only way I can continue to justify my ravenous obsession for finding new music is through sharing it in a more productive, if nothing else more tangible form: a blog.

There are few things I find more wonderful than stumbling across a song that just fits.

Maybe it sums up your emotions at just the right moment, putting into words or  even a melody your exact thoughts, completing your sentences even before you know how they will end.

Or maybe the song you stumble upon will propel you to somewhere you’ve never been before, but somewhere that feels right.

I hope this blog facilitates your stumbling.

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