but if you wait, it can save what you love and I know that it’s you


I have a hunch that Miner’s bedroom project single “Hey Love” is not merely a song.

Songs transmit sound waves, but this song, its chorus in particular, does more than just stream, it effuses pure joy.

A family effort, Justin Miner, wife Kate and brother Jeremy effortlessly blend warm harmonies and infectious banjo melodies to create an output that is incredibly authentic and quite frankly impossible to listen to just once.

I sometimes struggle to find songs to recommend to my less folk-enamored friends; however, sending this link to them is an absolute no-brainer.  It doesn’t take a soft spot for banjo to fall head over heels for Miner’s “Hey Love.”  Just listen to the transition between 3:03 – 3:06 and try to tell yourself that you didn’t just let out a sigh of relief the moment you heard Justin count 2,3,4 to rekindle the song you really weren’t quite ready to be over.

.. what I wouldn’t give to see Miner perform live.

Still can’t get enough of “Hey Love?”  Head over to http://www.thisisminer.com/ to pick up your free download and then show Miner some love on facebook.

hold up your hands if you hear me
I’m coming honey
hold on, hold on
lift up the sun with your love
I’ve been laying low
so long, so long